martes, 18 de noviembre de 2008

Blue bear

Holaaaa a Todos!!!

El siguiente blog es una actividad propuesta
por el maestro de Inglés 4 de la licenciatura en idioma inglés Lic. Juan Enrique Cabrales =))
Esta actividad nos sirvió para el desarrollo de nuestra escritura del idioma Ingles.
Personalmente encuentro dicha actividad como una buena idea ya que nos ha ayudado a que podamos escribir de una manera mas fluida y a enriquecer nuestra escritura.

Es mucho mas facil escribir hacerca de algo que nos gusta, con calma
sin presiones, pensando muy bien lo que se escribirá, además podemos utilizar las diversas herramientas que el Internet nos proporciona y aprendes
mucho mientras lo haces.

En general mi blog es acerca de mi,
de las cosas que me gustan, de las personas que me rodean
o de actividades realizo durante el transcurso de los días;
Espero y sea de su agrado la verdad me diverti y
principalmente aprendi mucho mientras lo hacia.
Gracias al profesor Cabrales ^^ myspace graphic comments

sábado, 15 de noviembre de 2008

My Hobbies

Today I feel a little bit sad,
the semester is about end
so this is my last entry for this year.
I rlly enjoyed write on my blog every week, It was good and it helps me to improve my english's skills =)

I actually have learned english of this way
writting on forums or things like that,
that's why i'm better on writting and reading than talking =/

On this last entry I wanna talk about my Hobbies.
One of the things that I enjoy more (some of my school mates already knows) is playing Tibia ajjaja
I have played for more than 2 years, it is actually a great game but it request a lot of time to work and sometimes becomes people addict to it, well it's not my case (atleast not now) I dont even got time to do my hw as I should,

so I prefer dont play it anymore, maybe on vacations, who knows, I think if I back to play it would be just because of my friends.

Another thing that I Enjoy to do is watching Anime and Beverlly Hills 90210
I can spent hours and hours sitting in a couch watching it, (im not a couch potato eh) the time runs so fast while I do it jejeje

I like to dance a lot xDDD
the first thing that
i gonna do on my vacations is get in to Zumba's classes again.

And last but not less
I LOVEEE to spent my free time
with my baby and my friends
eheheh for example today
i'm going to the carnival yeee ;D
im so exciting jijiji

That's it
See you next year
A lot of kisses
Btw: Thx teacher Cabrales I had learned a lot with ur classes and the blog ^^
I'm hopping u can be our English teacher again!! :D

martes, 11 de noviembre de 2008

That really bugs me

Dear sir or Madame

On july 16 my friends and I arrived at ur inn hoping to spend an enjoyable weekend. unfortunately, because of ur poor service, our weekend was a disaster. Since ur ad says "have a fabulous time or get ur money back,"I am requesting that u refund our money.

From the moment we arrived, there were problems with the service. first, a very unfriendly desk clerk couldn't find our reservation, After waiting almost half an hour, we were led by another unfriendly clerk to our room. The room, which had a view of a parking lot instead of the bay, had not yet been cleaned, so we found dirty towels on the beds and cigarette butts in the ashtrays. Tdespite these problems, none of ur employees apologized to us. This was not the weekend we had been looking forward to.

Serivice at ur inn was not always like this. My previous visits were always enjoyable because of the courteous service and clean rooms with beautiful views. Until things change at ur inn, I will never recommend it to anyone. I expect to receive my refund shortly.

sincerely urs,
Dale Tomas.

Activity from my English book (6)
page 89

Our teacher asked us to publish it in order to improve our writting.

lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2008

Ideas that work

1.- Why do u think so many ppl turned down bowerman's idea?
Because his idea sounds crazy at first, I mean poured rubber into a waffle iron, and maybe he havent good skills on selling products

2.- Why do u think Smith's professor gave him a C on the project? I think because his project needs a lot of money to work and maybe his teacher wanted something more practical.

3.- Which idea has led to most imitations?
The Nike athletic shoes of course

4.- Do u have idea for new products or services?
Yes, I have 1

5.- What are they?
Well I would like that EVERYONE who has a phone or cell phone can set the option of a video call, that way u can see the person with who u are talking.

btw... I know that this idea is already able today, but is not so common, I think it's because is expensive, right?

Activity from my English book (5)
page 81

jueves, 30 de octubre de 2008

Exploring Creativity

Lucy Gomez is the most creative person I know. she started piano lessons when she was only 6 years old. at school, she was always creating interesting projects in her art class. when she was only 12 years old, she won a citywide poetry contest. her parents were very pround of her.

Now lucy works as a sitcom writer for a popular show. she works with a group of writers, and tohether they have to think of fresh ideas. the also have to come up with funny dialog fpr tje actors on their show because the actors have to play believable characters that will make the audience laugh.

It is not an easy job, but lucy does it well. She starts work late in the morning and often works until 7 or 8 at night. lucy is very curious. she likes ro travel and meet new people who have opinions that are different from hers. she often carries a notebook with her and writes down what she sees and hears. lucy tell me that these new experiences are a good source of ideas for her work. I always enjoy talking to her and am happy to know someone as bright and creative as lucy.

Activity from my english book (4)
page 77

Halloween's Pics

This photos were taken the last monday at the halloween's party =)

martes, 28 de octubre de 2008

Freaky week!! (fixed entry)

This entry has been corrected by my english teacher.

A lot of things to do!!
specially at school, but it's my fault
because i am taking 2 subjects plus the five of this semester.
Now we are in the period
in which teachers are asking for our final assignaments.
and we havent enough time to do an excellent work like it should be,
for example just on this week
i had to deliver 3 final assignments besides exams aff
dont get me wrong,
I'm not complaning about it,
I know we just have few weeks left so we must hurry,
I just wish i could have more time to do a better work, that's all.

But well after all I enjoyed this week,
I had the chance to get to know my classmates a little bit more,
starting last wednesday, Teacher Cañas took us to cinepolis to watch "The Other Boleyn Girl", it was an aweson movie, I like this kind of movies.

And yesterday we having the party that vaquero organized on Biblos,
we had a lot of fun (even if we went just a few students) it was great!!
we dance a lot and drank a little (just a little eeee)
The night's surprise was to see Karina and Vero,
dancing and enjoying the party,
I thought they didnt like going to night clubs,
because most of the time they are very unongoing girls but yesterday wow what a surprise jaja,
it was a good way to get the stress out :D
and well, today I am feeling tired, i have a lot of hw to do ;(
but tomorrow is the Halloween's party at school
I am sure that we'll have some fun

That's it
See ya next week

domingo, 26 de octubre de 2008

Freaky Week!!

Pff a lot of things to do!! ; (
specially at school but
its my fault,
because I am presenting
2 subjects plus the fifth ones :/
and now we are on the period which teachers are asking for our final works.
It's sux u know... we havent enough time to do an excellent work like it has to be, for example this week I'd to deliver 3 final works besides exams aff :(
don’t get me wrong, I'm not complaining about it, I know that we just have few weeks of class so it must be hurry, I just wish I could have more time to do a better work =)

But well after all I enjoy this week, I have the chance to meet to my class mates a little bit more, starting for the last wednesday, our teacher Cañas took us to Cinepolis, we watch The Other Boleyn Girl
it was awesome I rlly enjoy this kind of movies ^^

Also yesterday was the party that Vaquero organized
we got a lot of fun (even if we went just few ppl)
it was great, we danced a lot and drank a little (just a little eeee :DDD) jejeje
I think the night's surprise was see to Karina and Vero, dancing and enjoying the party
I thought they dont like go to night clubs or things like that,
because most of the time they are very peaceful girls
but yesterday naaa i think it was a good way to lower our stress :D
and well today I am feeling tired, I've a lot of hw to do
but tomorrow is the Halloween's party at school ;D
I am sure that we'll have some fun!

That's it =)
see yaa next week

Naye <3

viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008


One day I was taking a walk on the beach and stopped to look at the waves. Suddenly, I thought I saw something struggling in the water. It looked like a man who was having a trouble swimming. just then I reached for my glasses, and then remembered I'd left them at home. after that a big wave came, and the man was gone. At that moment,I ran as fast as I could to get the lifeguard. After that, we arrived back at the spot where I had seen the man. When the lifeguard looked through his binoculars, he said he didn't see a thing and I was pretty embarrassed. The next day, I bought a newspaper. There was an article about dolphins swimming near the shore.As soon as I read the article. I realized that I had seen a dolphin in the water-not a man,after that i went anywere without my glasses again.
Activity from my English book (3)
page 61

Our teacher asked us to post it, I think he wants to help us with our blog this week because sometimes we have no idea what to write about
I personally lovee to witte in my blog every week,
I feel I am learning a lot
this is really works to improve my English's

jueves, 9 de octubre de 2008

Staind- So far away

I wanna leave these song's lyrics because I found it more than great I loveee it ^^

It's about a person who has seen his dreams come true and is proud of the person who he became =)

I hope u enjoy it ;D

This is my life

Its not what it was before

All these feelings I’ve shared

And these are my dreams

That I’d never lived before

Somebody shake me Cause I,

I must be sleeping


Now that we're here,

It's so far away All the struggle we thought was in vain

All the mistakes, One life contained

They all finally start to go away

Now that we're here its so far away

And I feel like I can face the day

I can forgive and I’m not ashamed

to be the person that I am today

These are my words

That I’ve never said before

I think I’m doing ok

And this is the smile

That I’ve never shown before

Somebody shake me Cause I,

I must be sleeping


I'm so afraid of waking

Please don't shake me Afraid of waking

Please don't shake me


Music Gif

martes, 7 de octubre de 2008

About Staind

Staind is an American alternative metal group from Springfield, Massachusetts, including lead singer/guitarist Aaron Lewis, lead guitarist Mike Mushok, bassist/vocalist Johnny April and drummer Jon Wysocki.

Over the past nine years the band has recorded six studio albums, had multiple chart topping singles, and sold over 15 million records worldwide!!!

I got this information from wikipedia =)

I want to be honest with this because i dont want that my work seems to be false, I'd done so much effort on it that I wouldnt deseve it, Im not saying that I did every entry with no help ofc I had looked for some information on intenert but the majority has been done by my own.

what's typical?... People from my city

♥ In general people from Tampico celebrated Valentine's Day giving gifts and hugs to them friends or going out with her/him significant other.

Most of the schools celebrate
this day with a big party and making interchange of gifts

There are many romantic spots that are perfect for Valentine's Day, or special places to propose to that special someone, people actually likes this holiday to get engaged or married.

My favorite activity on this day is pack a lunch, and drive to the beach
we are so lucky cuz we have a beach here :D
last year was what we did my bf and I ,
we spent a wonderful day,
he gave me a teddy bear (as usual) hihihi.

This year we celebrated with a party because on february 14th it's not just valentine's day it's also ♥ his birthday :D

I think another good option is to go to "La laguna del carpintero" because it's a very romantic place

or u can just go to eat something delicious at the restaurant "El Callejón de los Milagros"
Activity from my english book (2)
page 41

Have fun :D

(\ /)
( . .)

domingo, 28 de septiembre de 2008

Drive me crazy

pink heart with wings

Hii :DD
i am glad to writte this week
about the best movie ever :P
Drive me crazy
When I first heard that Melissa Joan Hart
was doing her first feature film,
I was pleased.
I actually like her show,
"Sabrina, The Teenage Witch"
I find her a good actress with a sweet nature. While watching "Drive Me Crazy"
I just love it :DD
It is the tipical teenager movie that I like most
Melissa plays Nicole Maris one of the more popular girls in her high school.
who gets her life turned upside down when her perfect date,
Brad, falls for a cheerleader from another school a month before the school's dance
she becomes desperate to not go to the school dance.

After recovering from the shock,
Nicole thinks about a good solution to save her reputation:
find a guy to appear like her bf and to take her to the dance with the hope that Brad get jealous with it
Nicole then hooks up with her next door neighbor Chase Hammondand
she changed him in her own image
while he's looking to make his ex gf Dulcie jealous too. However, both Nicole and Chase never expect that their falls in love with each other
I love the ending of this movie its so funny and sweet jejeje
if there is anyone that would like to watch it
just ask me I have it on my house

have fun

sábado, 20 de septiembre de 2008

My Anii



Today i'll talk
about someone
who I admire so much
the singer and actress
♥ Anahi ♥

althought most people
thinks that I am a dumb because I'm such a big fan of her and her musical group RBD
(who cares about what other ppl think :P)
I have liked her since I have memory...

It's actually funny because in every stage of my life I felt identified with the roles that she plays

Everything began when I was a kid, Anahi acted in a show called “chiquilladas” ( It was like Mexican mickey mouse club) where she plays the role of a graceful and cute little girl, just as me jejeejeje

Years later when i was 14 years old

Anahi characterized to Giovanna in the soap opera “Primer amor a mil por hora" which tells the story about a fourteen-year old girl who is preparing her fifteenth-anniversary party and coincidence in that time I couldn't thinking in another thing that wasn't my 15th years party, jajaja :o nothing is coincidence on this life baby <3

finally when I was at high school
I remember watching "Rebelde" Omg I loveee it <3

Anahi's roles was exactly who I always wanted be


She has been always my role model ♥ I love herr

┊    ★ ┊┊   ┊ ☆   ☆┊    ★┊☆┊     
....★ See ya the next week ☆┊  
......☆ ┊ ★★ take care all of u ★★  
............★ Hugies ☆☆┊    kisses★☆ ┊ ☆┊┊
.................★『♥█│║▌║▌♥Naye♥│║▌│║║█║ ♥』
—-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥]—-[♥] —-[♥]

domingo, 14 de septiembre de 2008

Fascinating destinations

Hello :D
This week our teacher
asked us to write about a city
unfortunately I havent travelled a lot
just to Victoria and Monterrey (I was about 7 years when i travelled there :S )
and honestly I'd rather talk about the best city in the world Berverly Hills =) what has in particulary this city??
everything that a girl can dream with.

Beverly Hills is one of Los Angeles' most popular destinations for locals and tourists.
It is the land of stars, great food and expensive shopping ( girls loves shooping :D) for example the well-known Rodeo Drive, between Santa Monica Blvd, is a world famous three block long stretch of Los Angeles' best shops and boutiques. It is one of the most expensive shopping districts in the world

It was on Rodeo drive where Julia Roberts had her famous Pretty Woman shopping spree, also here was filmed over 10 years my favorite show Beverly Hills 90210, beyond some of the most famous hollywood moments.

Beverly Hills is also known for have beautiful architecture.
Visitors to LA can see the largest mansion ever built in Los Angeles, ☆ Greystone Mansion, which has ☆ been used in many popular films, such as Indecent Proposal.

Beverly hills is a beautiful city and I rlly Hope one day can to travel there
if you have the chance don't think it twice
I bet it will be a unforgettable trip :D
Activity from my English book (1)
page 21

┊    ★ ┊┊   ┊ ☆   ☆┊    ★┊☆┊     
....★ See ya the next week ☆┊  
......☆ ┊ ★★ take care all of u ★★  
............★ Hugies ☆☆┊    kisses★☆ ┊ ☆┊┊
.................★『♥█│║▌║▌♥Naye♥│║▌│║║█║ ♥』
—-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥] —-[♥]—-[♥] —-[♥]

sábado, 13 de septiembre de 2008

Love is the most wonderful feeling.

Hello ^^
I thought that it'll be nice to share this beautiful poem that my bf dedicated me.
It means so much for me, because on it expresses what he feels for me, so here is ='))))

My sweet beautiful angel
Sent to me from above
because you have pretty little angel eyes.
When you gaze at me with them,
my heart begins to fly
Your sweet angelic voice,
continuously rings in my ears
With you by my side,there is nothing I fear
Whenever we are together,You shine with a heavenly glow
You're my sweet, beautiful angel,and I'll love you for eternity!
I love you Naye ♥
Aww it is so sweet, doest it? :DDD
See ya around
Naye in love =)

sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2008

What internet does ♥

It is amazing what technology can do today.
If you want to meet someone from any part around the world you can do it from the comfort of your home.
Thanks to the Internet I have met wonderful people
like my boyfriend Ivan,
I met him in an online game
it turned out we are from the same city and we have friends in common
so i gave him my email and right away we realized that we belong with each other
then one month later i gave him
my phone number
my mom was so mad about it
she actually
told me that I must be crazy cause
i was in love with someone
that i haven't seen in my life (yeah i know ¬¬)
But a wonderful day Ivan came to my house
with a bouquet of white roses and a teddy bear.
and well now we already have more than 3 years together
and we are a very happy couple :D

On the other hand my friends Denise and Minoru
she is from Reynosa and he is from Japan o.o
most of the time it is difficult for them to deal with the distance
but minoru came to mexico twice this year
and they are planning to get married =D

As well my friends Susan and Felipe
they met by internet in the same game that ivan and me
in their case she is from chile and he is from brazil
they visit eachother everytime that it is possible
and they are deeply in love
even if they dont speak the same language O.o
jeje that has to be love!!
(`*•.¸ (`*•.¸ ¸.•*´) ¸.•*´)
۞ ..::¨`•.¸ *...Naye!...* ¸.•`¨::. ۞
bye :D

domingo, 31 de agosto de 2008

It's all about pink!!

Hello everybody!! Today I will writte about my favorite color the PINK one!!!!

As you can see in the pic i have over my bed some pink color stuffs, but is not all over there, it had so many things that the picture looked overload, so I decided to remove some of them, and make it then beautiful with the things that I like more. :D

I just read something about the ppl who likes this color on the book let's talk 2, it said: "If you like the color pink you love to laugh and do not take things too seriously ".
jejeje yep that's true atleast in my case, I actually thought that someone who knows me should had written it, it is a good Description of me jaja wow!!

As well i love pink ( the singer) She has so many awesome talents, she always sing true and beautiful songs, She sings what she thinks, she is not afraid of expressing herself. She has a personality and a wonderful voice. :D
Pink cat

Bye bye =)

see you the next week!!!

A lot of kisses

♥ Naye ♥

domingo, 24 de agosto de 2008

Hi there!!!

Well guys I am happy to introduce you my blogger and what better than presenting myself on this picture :D
I am Karla nallely fuentes de la cruz, I 22 years old and i am living in Madero, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

I am always nice, friendly and polite with people, that's why I got a lot of friends; I try to help everyone as much as it's possible so if you need me take for sure that i will be there :) I give all my effort to be a better person everyday and i think in general i have good feelings...

My most negative quality is when someone hurts me; I found it difficult to forget :/ it's not like I'm a resentful person, na... but if i'm nice to you, I w8 the same from ur part =)))
Another think about me is that I am a totally "Drama Queen" but let's be honest, what girl is not like that?, I mean jajajaja girls always do such a big deal of the most insignificant thing, like ohhh I dont have shoes for this dress and we got like 20 pairs in our closet, gosh!! while boys got just 2 pairs and they dont know which one choose... but that is our nature, what can we do :p

well i think it is enough for this week

See ya xD
have a wonderful week
ps: srry for my bad english
I am still learning at school =)